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My name is Jaime Alnassim. I attended Eastern Washington University, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Concordia University, St. Paul, where I earned my Master of Science in Exercise Science. During my time at EWU, I was a former division 1 athlete in Track and Field. Then achieving a two-time JC All-American in the hammer throw during my time at Spokane Falls Community College. I have coached high school, college, and high-level athletes worked with supplement brands, supplement stores, created and managed a variety of websites, and operated a gym equipment manufacturing company. Alongside working with these entities to help to redesign their brand and websites, I would aid in increasing their social media campaigns raising their business’s search results.

After college had a business opportunity that was difficult to pass up. The supplement industry was booming and quickly found a spot in manufacturing, retail, and wholesale. While aiding an established supplement company I branched out with a college peer to create a local supplement brand that turned out to be a great success. We created our own brand of products that were picked up by most supplement stores around the inland northwest. Due to some inexperience with management, we had to close the doors and split ways. Although this was a hard split I took away a lot of lessons learned; website design, management, and networking skills. Shortly after this close out a supplement store my business sold supplements to reached out and for me to consult them on website design, where I helped manage their website. In 2017, I joined a gym equipment manufacturing company that also sold used equipment. I worked with them to mainstream their business and switch them to an online system. At the same time, I was with a fitness expo organization and had the opportunity to work at Mr. Olympia’s Olympic lifting event. I even took a trip to visit a family in Kuwait and ended up staying. Not long after I arrived a local gym opened up a position to work as a coach/trainer with assisting management. I decided to stay to gain this experience not only in management but also in another culture; my origin culture. Working in Kuwait is a night and day different lifestyle than the way I grew up in the US. It has been a huge eye-opener.

I have had to work with problem-solving solutions that have no handbook on how-tos for most of my professional career. My job has been to come in and fix systems that are broken or do not exist.  I work alongside others to help people in the fitness community better understand the proper and safe ways to get the results that they desire. Now I have my own business (Nahnu Fitness) with this newfound background and my passion for the fitness community and helping others achieve their goals.

Strength comes from within, believing is a state of mind. Every day we have another chance to show who we were meant to be.

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