I attended Eastern Washington University where I received my B.S. in Exercise Science. Always being a little “fluffier” from not watching what I ate, I decided to make a 180-degree change and committed to making “health and fitness” a way of life. What once was a chore started to become part of my normal life.

Jaime Alnassim
Jaime Alnassim before and after

After trying out different styles of training and diet on myself, I started coaching again to bring my new style of training to help others with their fitness goals. My passion for teaching fitness returned and my goal was to helping people become happier and healthier through exercise. I used my background in athletics to motivate and mentor.

The official thruster bar lite and thruster plates from @bcstrengthofficial 🍑 💪🏽⁣

The new toys are so much 🔥

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Everyday is an adventure with her ...

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A little over three years ago I came to Kuwait for a vacation to meet and see my family. Yes, a vacation to Kuwait 🙈 lol. After meeting my family and seeing Kuwait, I decided to stay and live here. It's been full of so many ups and down. I always felt like I had to give up a life to start this new one. Even with all the goods in Kuwait, it never really felt like home, only a place for work. It wasn't till I meet this cute girl from Tunisia that all changed. She truly changed my life and opened my heart in new ways. Watching her work to plan this night for me, she is adorable and too much of all things sweet. @marwa_bensa3id, I adore you. I was only going to spend the day like any other day. Even went to get my car's oil changed and did my normal day. However, she would not let me end my birthday without making it a real birthday. I love you, Marwa. ⁣

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♓️ we are both Pisces but for me you are my ocean ♓️ ⁣

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Can't step on the crack 🙈 ...

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I never would of expected that I would enjoy working with @meshari_almdhkh as much as I do. Slowly with every workout we were able to have a little more fun and work together towards his goals. Last night was just one of though fun workouts where you get to feel something so different and difficult in the gym that you mentally don't know how to express what happened. It's been a joy to coach and become friends with you. Thank you for your words 🙏 ⁣

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قبل حوالي أسبوع، وجدت مدربي الرياضي يشخص بنظراته إلى بدني ويقول ويتمتم بصوت خافت وهو يتخيل:"أريد أن أشكل هذه العضلة في جسمه بالشكل الفلاني بحيث تكون متناسبة مع تلك العضلة بشكل قوي ومذهل"⁣
قالها عن جسمي وهو في خياله يقوم بصقل جسمي وشحذه وتشكيله كما يشكل مايكل انجلو تحفة فنية من تماثيله التي يحتفي بها متذوقوا الفن ويتهاتفون عليها بمئات الملايين من الدولارات.⁣
مدربي الرياضي الشخصي يستمتع ويستلذ ويمززززج على تدريبي وتشكيل جسدي، وأنا محظوظ جدا جدا به.⁣
هو مدرب هو صديق هو أخ وشريك، شكرا جيمي النسيم @jaimealnassim على تفننك وتلذذك وتمزيجك على تدريبي الرياضي في الصالة.⁣

منذ ٤ أشهر ونحن نلتقي ٥-٦ ساعات في الاسبوع موزعة بشكل شبه يومي، هي لحظات اتطلع لها بشوق روحيا، ليكون جسدي أداة قوية لأداء الرسالة العظيمة للروح 🔥🧞‍♂️⁣

Translation in English:⁣
Tell me again why did we bench press 107 kg today @jaimealnassim ?⁣


لاحظتوا تغيير الاوزان بالمونتاج ولا طافت عليكم؟ قولوا الصج😂😂⁣


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145kg for a grinding three reps. Been doing pushing three times a week and the weeks are starting to add up, but the strength is still there. ⁣

When doing the same body part multiple times a week recovering is key. Unfortunately it's been the holidays and I've been lacking on that a little 🙈 However, time to get back on that and finish this training block well.⁣

@elitefitnesskw with the black bench

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Jaime Alnassim on Hala Kuwait


  • Talking about food (cheat meals), lifting, and randomness
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Relaxing with game controller
  • Being on the move. Going to different places, indoor and out
  • Enjoying the beach and sun
  • Anime during cardio


  • Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach
  • B.S. in Exercise Science
  • Former Division 1 Track & Field
  • Head Trainer at Platinum Health Club in Kuwait
  • Collegiate D1 Coaching
  • Coached in USA & Middle East
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