It has been an amazing seven years

Unfortunate FACL is no more. Thank you for all the support over the years

Once upon a time, we tried to save the world… One Squat At A Time


The blog from FACL will be moved here

Last Note:
I started FACL in college, thought the name was funny, and it would be a fun project. The first 6 months it slowly started to take off. I had followers on the social media pages from around the world. It was a joy to work with. Unfortunately, I started to get more busy and didn’t have time to make memes or find good ones. I was not writing blog posts often and overall the page stopped growing. After a year of putting it off, I finally rebranded FACL to a new business idea. But the memory of FACL will live on forever. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the page. It will be missed.