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Resistance Bands – Why You Should Be Using Them

Jaime Alnassim

Online Coaching | Strength & Conditioning

May 7, 2020

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I’m sure you have seen a resistance band before. Maybe at the gym but for sure online. It seems like they are becoming more popular than ever, especially with all the gyms being closes (#coronavirus). These bad boys are more than just workout savers when you are stuck at home. They are full of benefits we can use during our everyday training. 

How do these resistance bands work?

I like how Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell talks about them, to give my own summary of what he says, The band will create more tensions during the concentric phase and will cause the speed of the eccentric to be faster. The band can make the weight go down faster than gravity normally would allow it. Say you are benching and you lower the weight. Unless you physically pull the bar down, the bar will only go so fast down. Gravity only has so much pull. “…all objects free fall at the same rate regardless of their mass. Because the 9.8 N/kg gravitational field at Earth’s surface causes a 9.8 m/s/s acceleration of any object placed there, we often call this ratio the acceleration of gravity.”

This is where they are extremely cool when it comes to the gym and changing home workouts. Let’s say you want to do a good morning with the bar and then you do some with bands. The movement is the same but the way the weight is put on your body is different. When used right, they can be a game-changer. 

What are some benefits of resistance bands?

Besides, the benefits listed above, the more strange forward one is that they are easy to use. Just one or two sets of bands can give you an army of different movements to do at home or change how you are able to train with weight at the gym. If you spend a few minutes looking at Instagram, you are sure to find some ladies using the small mini bands around their knees. First, yes they work and seconds, yes it can be hard. Patricia Bordo does them to the max during her home workouts. They will hit your glutes in ways normal weight training just cannot. 

Bands are seen as more of a female thing, you don’t see many guys using the mini bands but they are worth adding into your training. It can be hard to tell guys to try them because it is not bench press but using bands for glute work can help your upper body movements. 

The bands can make some exercises that normally were only bodyweight, laying horizontal leg abduction for example, and add resistance. Using bands for your home workouts can be a huge add on and bands  are not explensive, compared to dumbbells. I have had some of mine for years and keep some fresh ones for weight I lift weights with them. My older ones have been used to the max and with home workouts being what I have for right now, I’ll keep it up.

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