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During the time of studying at EWU for my bachelors degree, I had to take a few nutrition classes. Over the years I have spent countless hours looking up new ideas and theories to better understand nutrition for performance.

Weight Training

During my time as a college athlete I was fortunate enough to have a throws coach who understood how to use the weight room to better sports performance. She also took the time to help me with my lifting forms and give me tips for coaching. I like to take my own little spin on what the text book says.


When it comes to weight training, like anything else, there is more to it than just randomly guessing. I have spent the last years learning from experts in the field of lifting, text books, and my own mistakes. The goal is to never stop learning and bettering how I program work outs.


What I have done

Bachelors of Science Degree

Exercise Science

College Track & Field

Division 1

Football Coach

High School Football & Strength Coach

Track & Field Coach

EWU Track & Field Internship


Can't Control The Swole

Triple X Powerlifting

Powerlifting Federation

Fight Against Chicken Legs



A look into my past

I am from Spokane, WA. born and raised. I went to Joel E. Ferris High School, where I was on the football and track & field teams. After high school I walked on to the track & field team at Spokane falls CC. There I truly started to fall in love with the sport. It became more than just a habit and more of a life style. I got a lucky break and was able to compete for Eastern Washington University's track team. There I got my bachelors of science in exercise science and furthered my knowledge in the sport I love. After college sports I got into powerlifting and the supplement game. I could not see myself anywhere else. I do what I can to better myself, learn from the best, and share the information I have with anyone who is willing to learn from me. Starting SwoleRx was a good way to learn the basics of business and now with Alnassim LLC I am able to bring my bussines skills to other companies.

  • 2008-2013

    The College Days

    I started my college days at Spokane Falls Community College, where I studied for my AA degree while competing in Track & Field. I had some luck when a D1 college just a few miles away was looking for a thrower. I was able to compete for Eastern Washington University's Track & Field team and learn from an amazing throws coach. I finished my time at EWU with a B.S in Exercise Science.

  • 2012-2015


    The idea for SwoleRx started in December of 2012 while on winter break, hanging out with some of my best friends in Pullman, Washington. We were joking about starting a company. We get to 2014 when we started selling supplements and started to grow. Unfortunately SwoleRx was not meant to be, as we closed doors May 22nd, 2015

  • 2016

    SRx Nutrition

    SRx Nutrition was the next project, a supplement company. I had an amazing group of people that I was working with on this. As I was about to leave the supplement game, I was talked into staying by one of my business partner - Prescription Strength Sports Supplements!

  • Present

    Lifting & Throwing

    While I have been extremely fortunate with who I have been able to learn from, I still have much to learn. The goal is to keep powerlifting for as long as I can and getting back into throwing hammer. There is something about Track & Field that keeps me wanting more.

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